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check Find the most profitable affiliate products and services to promote. Follow the simple steps in your Clockwork Recipe to evaluate the merchant's website and make sure it's set up to get you the most commissions.
check Make a lot more commissions by avoiding the limitations of just promoting digital products. Yes, ClickBank is a good place to get started – but there's a whole world of physical products and services out there (where the competition is not near as fierce and you can rake in commissions steadily). This Clockwork Recipe will get you started on the right foot – and increase your commissions significantly.
check Increase your commissions by as much as 1037% with the addition of one element to your video. This powerful conversion increaser has been tested and proven by one of the major online advertising platforms, and you can add it with a click & drag of your mouse.
check Script a winning dialogue that uses AIDA and problem solving to smoothly flow towards a powerful recommendation for the affiliate product or service. (No, you won't need to speak this dialogue. You'll simply paste it into the online animator and your characters will read the lines for you).
check Get more viewers clicking through on your memorable URL – rather than the horribly complex affiliate links you'll get from affiliate networks. A simple redirector is included with you Clockwork Recipe, and you can easily create short and easy-to-remember URLs. Make it easy for viewers to give you commissions.
check Ensure page one Google results for keyword phrases that will actually make you money, with a 3-step keyword/competition research method that quickly shows you where you can most profitably apply your video. Discover just how easy it can be to get top results on YouTube and Google, when you just spend a few minutes researching first.
check Position your video for success with a winning title. It's no good being on page one of Google, if your title doesn't attract humans. Create the kind of title that sucks in eyeballs and makes your prospects want to see your video.
check Make it super easy to assemble your video in one smooth go, by storyboarding like the pros do. Included with your Clockwork Recipe is a set of 30 storyboards – each prepped for you with one of the stock backgrounds. You just add stick figures and make notes to guide your video making. These storyboards remove all frustration.
check Use the simple drag & drop online animator to quickly and easily assemble your video. Drag characters onto the stage, give them actions and expressions, provide them with the script, and you're good to go. In about half an hour (it's easy to excel when you're shown exactly how to do each action) you've created an effective promotional video, and all for a buck.
check Easily upload your video to YouTube. Have never used YouTube other than as a watcher of videos? Not to worry. This Clockwork Recipe even walks you through the basics of setting up an account. Everything has been made super easy for you.
check Take your choice of three methods to push your video up in the YouTube search results and snag that coveted Google page one video thumbnail (which really grabs searcher's attention and brings in the targeted traffic). Discover just how easy it can be to beat the competition.
check Benefit from a powerful online service that can push you up in the search engine rankings (both YouTube and Google) while you sleep – or create more commission-pumping videos.

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All Clockwork Recipes come with a full money-back guarantee. Although these Internet marketing guides are painstakingly created to give you the very best possible instruction (with detailed step-by-step screenshots and illustrations making it easy for even the most novice beginner) if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with this Clockwork Recipe, please contact me for an immediate 100% refund.

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